Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Newly Hired and Newly Pregnant!!!! Why Do I Feel Ashamed???

Being pregnant is supposed to be an exciting time in your life. But here I was; hiding myself. I had just started a new job and was newly pregnant. I remember leaving employee health and wellness crying to my husband on the phone. I remember talking to my girlfriend Pat and having meltdowns.

After all why would I be ashamed of being pregnant? To find the answer I began analyzing my thoughts and really thinking why this was such an emotional journey for me. It could not be the fact that we had only planned on having two. Could it be the fact that my last had not yet turned two? It had to be more than all these things. What was the cause of my emotions towards this baby?

The Answer:

Peoples' impression of me.  I cared so much about how I may be percieved that I traumatised myself into thinking; becoming a mom one more time meant I was careless and didn't have a handle on my life. I allowed myself to believe that I was going to be viewed as a liability to the team at work versus an asset. I saw them judging me, even saw them gossiping me. And to think it was all self imposed, self inflicted, negative self talk.

Pushing Back:

It is so important that we begin the radical journey in changing the perception we have of ourselves. I honestly believe we can only begin doing this by making a conscious effort to listen to the conversations in our heads. Sometimes the negative self talk is loud, those we tend to pick up quickly and address. But it's those small talks, those idle in head conversations when we feel fear and doubt.

You and I both know we were created for a beautiful purposeful life. Do not self sabotage. Bring confidence to the table at all times. Do not allow it to be invoked only when we are applauded but begin learning to applaud yourself in the dark when no one else is looking and listening.

One Love

Wednesday, April 3, 2019


I find myself living my parents legacy. Growing up we were always looking for a more opportune time to get thing done, a more appropriate time to get together another time to stop and do family time. Not sure if we were looking to a time when our lives would be better or we just wished for better but accepted our reality as what is our lot.

I would like to tell myself that I refuse to live like that, but I wonder if I have really escaped that reality MENTALLY. I think that's my constant quest and a theme that probably runs through most of my posts. How do we really break the cycle? How do we really make that mental shift that eventually changes our actions and reroutes our destiny? 

I have read my share of self help books and has turned to psychology. Reason being, I genuinely want to find the answer to that question, what really causes the mental shift? I am pretty sure I will find it, as I continue my life long quest for greatness, balance and more!!!!!!

Grow with me.

One Love 

Monday, March 18, 2019


After writing my last post where I passionately expressed my most intimate thoughts about my decisions thus far and how they have created a reality that I dare to say is unacceptable, the question was posed to me, " so where do you go from here?" Pretty interesting right?

1. I have clearly identified not only that there is a problem that it is systemic to my personality which is preventing me from growing in the way I need to grow in order to accomplish my goals.

2. I have clearly taken ownership of the problem not blaming anyone, or any circumstance for my situation.

3. I know some of the steps that need to be taken in order to make my dream a reality.

Embodied in the question " where do you go from here"? Is the real question. Are you READY to take the steps needed to move forward, or will I still be blogging about this issue next year this time?

So I pose the question not just to you but most importantly to myself, IS DANIELLE GOING TO TAKE THOSE STEPS NECESSARY FOR HER GROWTH? Do I really want success that badly or am I still in the valley of indecision? Am I ready and willing to step out into my purpose, my calling, my blessing?

Deep down I know the answer, and you do too.

One Love



When I wrote my last blog I justified stepping back into my comfort zone, I justified what I call " building my business while working a 9 to 5". But if the truth be told, I am where I am because I fear stepping into my greatness. I am where I am, because I am afraid to use my gift to sell myself. I am where I am because I choose to be a home owner with a mortgage versus a home owner with multiple income producing properties. I am where I am because every year, I have amazing plans but I fail to execute. I am where I am, because the year that I had home with my son, I SHOULD have perfected my craft, instead I accepted what others said my lot would be. Subconsciously I believed them and instead of working harder, and smarter, and better, I sabotaged myself with mediocrity. I am where I am because even though my greatness is next to me, God cannot bless me, because I am not yet at the level of maturity that He requires of me.

So when my five year old cries when I cannot get her from school early because I'm hustling two jobs or struggling to get home after a two hour commute, I can only blame me. And when my one year old holds on to my legs when I drop him off at the baby sitter and cries because he does not want me to leave him, I can only blame me. And when my husband reminds me of the pending car payments that financially stretch us, I can only blame myself.

Poverty is not a curse. It's a state of mind.

"And prove me now says the Lord of host if I will not open to you the windows of Heaven and pour you out such a blessing that there will not be room enough to receive it." The Bible.

One Love

Friday, March 1, 2019


I had to make a decision. Very critical and important decision. Do I continue building my business, do I step away from it totally and just get a job or do I do them both? It was obvious, relying on the income I was getting from my business was merely making ends meet. I knew the possibility for growth and success were there, but being a new mom and a new home owner, it really was not adding up.

The Decision:

So I decided to build my business while working full time. This in and of itself is a challenge. A very big challenge. Here are my tips for doing them both.

1. Be practical about your time: Be aware of how you spend every minute of your day. You can take time evaluation by writing down the things you do hourly.

2. Every minute counts: There is no time for wasting time. Every free opportunity is important to getting work done. For example I spend my lunch time checking emails and my train time responding to my customers. I also make them aware of my schedule that way they don't bombard me with phone calls when I am at my regular job.

3. Take your business seriously: Have serious financial goals and put on paper how you intend to reach your goals. Not because you are accountable to your self means that you won't put your absolute best foot forward. Hold yourself to a higher standard, pay attention to details. If becoming better at your craft calls for taking classes or networking, schedule those into your time and take them seriously.

4. Be disciplined: There is literally no time for rest when you are serious about building your business. I wish that was not the case but honestly its full time on top of full time. It takes persistence when things are just not working out, it takes hard work, and a lot of self motivation.

5. Be passionate: If you do not love your business, it will not thrive. Do what you love, then it won't feel like work.

6. Block out the negativity: Well wishing friends and family members will be the first to remind you that you will not be successful. They won't say it that bluntly. They typically are experts on being practical. Do not listen to them. Having the drive to persevere means that you have to be your biggest cheer leader, you have to be your biggest fan. Feed your mind with the things that will inspire and uplift. Letting go of your business is just not an option.

7. Do not compare yourself: This has been my hardest challenge. I look on others who are successful and at times wonder what's the difference, why are they successful and I am not. Every one is wired differently, each person's reality is different. Put in place the right strategies suitable for your financial situation, bearing in mind how each decision will affect your family structure and even your spiritual life.

Enjoy the hard work of building because in the end it is rewarding. Just be obsessed with it.

One Love

Thursday, February 21, 2019


Just wanted to share with you that you are amazing, special, unique and precious. 

1. List 3 talents that you have that makes you unique

2. List 3 activities that you enjoy doing when you are by yourself

3. List 3 things about yourself that no one else may know

4. List 3 reasons you are a special friend to someone

5. List 3 reasons you are special, unique and talented in your own way.

Reread your list and let it uplift your day.

" I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made" Psalm 149 vs 14.

One Love

Friday, February 1, 2019


A few days ago I had a few events that sort of changed my perspective on life. Not that I was being fed new information, but it came through so forcefully that I had to pause and listen as these experiences spoke to me.

As I stood listening to the musician playing skillfully in the subway I said to myself, when was the last time I just sat and listened to jazz being played in a jazz club? Life at times can have us so caught up in the day to day happenings in our lives that we forget to just live a little.

Earlier that day I received a copy of a bill from my husband which was geared towards updating me on our financial obligations. And though important I just could not help thinking about a man I met less than an hour earlier who spoke about his experience with cancer. This man got diagnosed when his third child was six weeks old. It took him by surprise. What was a routine visit to his doctor after a surgery turned out to be a diagnoses that left him with two fingers amputated. It just so happened to coincide with me reading "Becoming" by Michelle Obama. I learned a valuable lesson that day both from this cancer survivor and "Becoming" I learned that in life you have to just live. Life brings with it many challenges, financial and otherwise. Many of us, myself included desire and even work aggressively towards gaining financial and academic success. But one thing that I believe we should never lose sight of is the ability to just live. Begin enjoying and reveling in the little things in life that bring us joy. Do not get so caught up in life and all the troubles that it brings, we forget to just live.

So here's my dedication to rolling in the snow with Kaity or dancing to the music in the subway. Because when all is said and done after I'm gone life goes on as usual. But I would have already been dead if I forgot to "JUST LIVE".

One Love