Tuesday, January 1, 2019

WINNING IN 2019!!!!!

2018 went out with a bang. As quickly as it began it was over. This has been one of my most challenging years to date, but it has also been the one that I learned the most about myself and most importantly the most about God's love, tolerance, guidance and patience.

In 2018 I embarked on being a realtor and boy did that have its UPS!!! and DOWNS!!!!... I've had those challenges within myself of what am I worth, my confidence, believing in myself. I fought to keep things a float only to merely keep my nose above the currents. This year was a challenge. But the most amazing part about 2018 was the way God stayed a constant in my life. He spoke to me guided me, molded me and allowed me to glimpse His purpose. I have always defined success from a financial perspective but success is so much deeper than that. Here are a few lessons I've learned in 2018.
1. Believe in yourself.
2. Have an attitude of gratitude
3. Find beauty in the small stuff
4. Exhibit the fruits of the spirit
5. Nurture those relationships that help you grow
6. Prune the things (and people) that deplete you
7. Readers are leaders
8. Have a growth mindset
9. Working on within will spill over to the outside
10. Go to God about everything.

Have a blessed and prosperous New Year.

One Love

Sunday, November 4, 2018


There is nothing more important than starting your day off right. Whatever captures our thoughts when we first awake tends to dictate the direction of our day. I have found these simple morning techniques help to set a positive tone for my day.

1. Go to bed ontime: If your body isn't rested, it's very hard almost impossible to have a productive day where you are energized and functioning at your optimal.

2. No alarms: If you get to bed on time, your body will naturally arise at the right time. If you are dependent on an alarm, use one with soft sounds such as birds chirping that mimics nature.

3. Prayer and Meditation: Does not matter the time I get up, I have to spend quality time praying and meditating on scripture. I have began listening to my thoughts and try controlling my thoughts versus having my thoughts run wild. I have also began meditating on Gods promises, saying them repeatedly and committing them to memory. In addition to prayer and meditation whenever I have the time, I try to read positive books and articles.

4. No Cell Phone: This is a very hard one, do not touch your cell phone first thing, grab the actual bible versus the bible app. In addition to no cell phones, no news, emails or social media at least for the first hour of the day. These tend to put your mind unconsciously in defense mode.

5. Hydration and Exercise: Drinking sufficient water, tea or lemon water rejuvenates and hydrates the body. Exercise is an amazing early morning practice, it gets you perked up and ready for any challenge. Doesn't have to be a burst of sweat but movement does wanders to your body.

These simple steps may help you, ditch the coffee and have a mentally healthy start to your day.

Please share your morning routine. More ideas are always welcomed.

You were made to fly.

One Love

Saturday, October 20, 2018


The last few weeks for me have been stressful to say the least, in many different ways. Goals are not being met and I am trying hard to have it together at home with the kids and in my personal life. Sometimes it seems like a big mess, and more than once, I have found myself in a big funk. So this week I turned to a trusted sister in Christ and she recommended reading a particular scripture that has since been my saving grace; Psalm 37. I have since discovered Psalm 27 as well and have been meditating on both. I have formulated some strategies that I believe helped me get out of the funk.

  1. Count Your Blessings:

Nothing is better when you are in a really bad mental state than begin thinking of  all your blessings. No matter how bad the situation is, you always have people in your corner ready to lift you up and bless you in many different way. Also thinking of how much worse your situation could be or just simply looking at all the positive things you have in your life help. Focusing on the blessings versus whatever is causing your distress is a big blessing.

        2. Reading God's Promises

Take a look at the Psalms and they will uplift you. Psalms 27 and 37 are loaded with what I call "vitamin promises". I suggest reading them over and over again. At times focusing on different parts of the scriptures that touch you each time.

        3. Get up and move

One of the quickest ways to change your mental state is to change your physical state. And the best way to change your physical state is to get up and move. If you can, take a jog, a walk or some sort of quick exercise. If you happen to work up a sweat, thats so much better. I suggest skipping or a quick on the spot jog.

       4. Prayer

Nothing calms my mind like speaking to God about what is casing me distress. I find speaking out loudly to God when I  am distressed really helps to calm my nerves.

      5. Claim the Victory

Become an optimist, dismiss pessimism. You cannot win, if you cannot visualize yourself winning. There is a saying "he who says he can and he who says he can't are both usually correct". Be positive, you will overcome your obstacles.

After posting this blog while praying I was prompted to add a 6th strategy which is : Bless others. Take the time to pray for others, assist those in need. That takes you from a mindset where you're focused on self to focusing on others.

Please forgive me for taking long breaks in between blogs. Thanks for reading. I believe something big and amazing is about to happen in your life.

You were made to FLY.

One Love

Thursday, September 6, 2018

100 TIMES DOWN 1000 TIMES UP!!!!!!

When I was about 6 years old, I invited my friends over because I was intent on building a park in my yard. I grew up in rural Jamaica on an acre and a half of property. My countryside community needed a park for us kids to play, and I felt it was my responsibility to build it.

Fast forward a few decades and I'm still dreaming big, but as I aim high and miss at times I'm determined to give myself a thousand second chances. Earlier today I conversed with two very unique and different young women. One was extremely successful by many peoples' standards. She was making hundreds of thousands of dollars yearly as a young entrepreneur. The other also ventured into doing her own business but didn't hit her target financial goals. Her business not only bled her financially but could no longer sustain itself.  She had to quickly retreat to finding employment. But what I loved most about both women and the take away from both conversations was; never give up, be prepared to give yourself a 1000 second chances.

So no matter what you have been venturing into, the search for love, finding and stepping into your passion by FAITH, desiring to start a family just to name a few, completing that degree, going to med school at age 40, no matter what it is, be prepared when you fall, to give yourself a 1000 second chances.

Take it from me the real estate agent 1000 TIMES over.

You were made to fly!!!!!!!

One Love


Monday, August 13, 2018


"Know that it’s your decisions, and not your conditions, that determine your destiny".

I would like you to stop for a moment and think about the meaning of this quote. Allow it to soak into your system. Use it to begin picking apart those things in your life you are not comfortable with and peel back to reveal the very core. If you do that you will find it at its very base is a decision. But backed by our decisions are our belief in or lack of belief in ourselves.

One of my most loved quotes is "thoughts are things and powerful things" Napoleon Hill.  Why? Because as the bible puts it, "as a man thinketh so is he". The things we attract into our lives begin with thoughts but are manifested by the decisions that we make. It's our faith and confidence in God and ourselves that is the ingredient which pushes us to action. In other words, think it, believe it, decided upon it, take massive action.

To move to the next level in our lives calls for 1st a deep hunger for what we want to accomplish 2. A confidence and believe that we can do it, 3. Making a do or die decision that this is exactly what we want. 4. Taking the audacious crazy faith step to accomplishing that goal.

My deepest desire is to not only write, but begin speaking as well. Massive action needed.

Fly fly fly!!!!!!!You were made to fly.

One Love

Monday, July 23, 2018


Get inspired. God got your back. According to my BFF, "He's dope like that".

I am going through one of the biggest tests of my faith. But God reminded me today that He got my back.

I had a conversation with a sister friend of mine today and as we spoke about various people in the bible who endured intense tests or persecution, something jumped out at us. It was so profound, I just had to share. Do you really believe that God has placed within you a desire and a dream  and that He needs you to focus on Him as He leads you to your destiny? As we spoke about the story of Daniel, she said to me "even in captivity, Daniel was made a ruler". Can you imagine, the captive ruling the people who held Him captive? What a mighty God we serve. Then it dawned on me, not only did Daniel rule while in captivity, but Joseph was prime minister of Egypt while in captivity.


What ever is holding you captive, remember you were created to become a leader, a ruler. But on your way to your destiny you have to go through those tests that are geared towards building your character and strengthening your determination. The quicker you learn the lesson, the quicker the test is removed. Learn quickly, build quickly, grow quickly. Getting through these periods are painful but important. My best friend said to me "you will know the magnitude of the lesson by the magnitude of the test". How do we learn? Well spend time focusing on knowing the being who placed within you a Divinely ordained purpose. Spend time praying.

One Love

Monday, May 28, 2018


I have always liked the theme songs of various Disney animated movies. The theme song for the Disney movie Moana which features "girl strength" is worth listening to.

The song talks about the challenges of stepping out of your comfort zone, challenging yourself and the fear of the unknown. How many times have we found ourselves afraid to step out and prove to ourselves (not anyone else) that we can do what we have always dreamed of doing? I believe many of us hold ourselves back because of our fear and the challenges that comes along with the pursuit of our dream.

I remember listening to Steve Harvey tell the story of how he lived out of his car earlier in his career and even lost his family, in pursuit of his dream. So many show what they have accomplished, most people do not talk about the challenges that accompany the road to success. Not just the sleepless nights or the time spent working hard; but the loss of income, doing odd jobs performing menial tasks that hardly meets your financial needs. In the movie the pursuit of happiness the main character lost his home and his marriage. Motivational speaker Les Brown talks about the time he had to sleep in his office because he had no where to live. Though these are very extreme situations understand that anything in life that you stand up for, no matter what it is, be prepared to be challenged, to be frowned upon, to lose a lot in your quest for greatness. Be prepared to lose your closest friends or at the very least, have them voice their opinions on how wrong you are.

Stand for what you know is true, stand for what you know is right, stand for what you believe in. You will be happy that you did.

Never stop believing, you were made to fly.

One Love