Monday, February 20, 2017

Falling In Love

I am so in love, very much in love, head over heels in love and its giving me goose pimples. It's the type of love that captivates you, sweeps you off your feet. So who am I in love with? I'm in love with me.

Self love is one of those things we automatically assume that we have, but our actions may not necessarily tell the same story. For example, are we taking care of our bodies or are we engaging in habits that are depleting us? Are we nurturing our relationships or are we taking them for granted? Or are we renewing our spirit or are we taking our spiritual growth for granted?

Taking care of our bodies:

  • We need to becoming more aware of what we eat, we can do this by planning our meals as opposed to grabbing stuff on the go. We don't have to be a green juicer in order to be healthy, but truly understanding that a healthy body is a gift that must be cherished and that most health issues we encounter especially in the United States are diet related. That being said, in order for us to truly be in love with ourselves,  we need to really be more particular about what we eat, how much we eat and when we eat. We need to incorporate eating practices that really nourish us. (I am currently on a "change my diet" journey, I will share that at a later date) Exercise- for me I've found engaging in speed walking way more effective in keeping me toned and looking and feeling healthy vs going to the gym (though both do work for me). Find the exercise regimen that works for you and incorporate it into your daily life. Each persons' needs and body is different so you don't have to do what someone else is doing, but be proactive in finding the right regimen and stick to it. (Some people say having an exercise partner works well for them). Water- we should not take our water consumption for granted. I believe most of us, myself included do not get sufficient water on a daily basis. But drinking sufficient water is such an important part of keeping healthy (and having beautiful radiant skin).

Nurturing Our Relationships:
  • Quality time spent appreciating our loved ones is so important. It is so easy to take the ones closest to us for granted. But spending quality time with them, listening to them (sometimes I really need to listen more and talk less), uplifting and encouraging them is so important. Randomly sending that "I'm thinking about you or, I'm praying for you" text to a friend or putting down the phone, muting the TV when our child or spouse is talking to us shows that we are actively listening vs just being there. Truly listening to the other persons' side in an argument is also helpful in diffusing arguments. Also, not engaging in bashing our loved ones.

Renewing Our Spirit:
  • This should have been first. I believe that this sets the tone for everything else in our lives. Begining our days with gratefulness and giving thanks. Plugging into God, prayerfully asking for guidance and direction. Spending quiet time to appreciate the beauty that is around us and focusing on the positive. It's mid day in winter yet I'm hearing the birds chirping and I'm in NY city. There are noises all around me, yet I'm only tuned into the chirping of the birds. If you have never done it before, try spending quiet, alone time, first thing in the morning, and practice being grateful. It will set the tone for your day. You will be very pleased.

There are many ways to engage in self love, please share your thoughts on loving ones self. I would love to get your feedback. Also, if my blog has added value to your day, please follow, leave a comment and share on your various social media pages.

One Love


  1. This is so true...self love is so important, yet we oftentimes put our kids and spouses needs above loving oneself.

    1. That's so true. In order to give to others we have to be filled. Or we have nothing to share.