Saturday, October 20, 2018


The last few weeks for me have been stressful to say the least, in many different ways. Goals are not being met and I am trying hard to have it together at home with the kids and in my personal life. Sometimes it seems like a big mess, and more than once, I have found myself in a big funk. So this week I turned to a trusted sister in Christ and she recommended reading a particular scripture that has since been my saving grace; Psalm 37. I have since discovered Psalm 27 as well and have been meditating on both. I have formulated some strategies that I believe helped me get out of the funk.

  1. Count Your Blessings:

Nothing is better when you are in a really bad mental state than begin thinking of  all your blessings. No matter how bad the situation is, you always have people in your corner ready to lift you up and bless you in many different way. Also thinking of how much worse your situation could be or just simply looking at all the positive things you have in your life help. Focusing on the blessings versus whatever is causing your distress is a big blessing.

        2. Reading God's Promises

Take a look at the Psalms and they will uplift you. Psalms 27 and 37 are loaded with what I call "vitamin promises". I suggest reading them over and over again. At times focusing on different parts of the scriptures that touch you each time.

        3. Get up and move

One of the quickest ways to change your mental state is to change your physical state. And the best way to change your physical state is to get up and move. If you can, take a jog, a walk or some sort of quick exercise. If you happen to work up a sweat, thats so much better. I suggest skipping or a quick on the spot jog.

       4. Prayer

Nothing calms my mind like speaking to God about what is casing me distress. I find speaking out loudly to God when I  am distressed really helps to calm my nerves.

      5. Claim the Victory

Become an optimist, dismiss pessimism. You cannot win, if you cannot visualize yourself winning. There is a saying "he who says he can and he who says he can't are both usually correct". Be positive, you will overcome your obstacles.

After posting this blog while praying I was prompted to add a 6th strategy which is : Bless others. Take the time to pray for others, assist those in need. That takes you from a mindset where you're focused on self to focusing on others.

Please forgive me for taking long breaks in between blogs. Thanks for reading. I believe something big and amazing is about to happen in your life.

You were made to FLY.

One Love


  1. Anazingly I've been changing my thinking and more positive things ARE coming my way! The Psalms are GREAT sources of strength. Thanks for sharing! Passing this on also!

  2. Amen Danielle. I am going thru some mental breakdowns, anxieties and sleeplessness and headaches. I was praying to God that I need to make more sales to pay off my massive debts. I thank God first that I am healthy , second I needn’t God to give me the peace that He will open the doors to them if He wants me to have them. I have so many doors closed on me after working so hard and watching the door closed on me when I feel it is coming. Also some disappointments that past acquaintances didn’t call me to help them rather they got screwed over and then coming back to me for help. Yes I need to push myself from my rut and first thing I have to put first is to go back to my Lord in prayer and get back to consistent church time and get my body healthy again so I can serve others. I feel each time I help a client or customer I am showing my true self to show that I am different from the rest that I have their best interest. I don’t sell them a lemon knowing that it is a lemon but the best. Thank you for sharing. Praying for you and please keep me in prayer. Amen.

  3. You simply have to activate inner self-activating power to heal anything in this world. Keep visiting the places you like the most on earth.