Monday, March 21, 2016


Yesterday I screamed!!!!! And it was loud and it was angry and it was clear. I screamed because I was tired, I screamed because I wanted to be heard, I screamed because I wanted to accomplish my goals, I screamed because I wanted to be a super mom, I screamed because I wanted to have it all together (if there is such a thing). I screamed because I am a week behind in my assignments for my capstone, I screamed because I have been working too many weekends without a break, I screamed because I wanted to be sexy and in shape. But it just seemed like it wasn't coming together. So today, I prayed, I prayed.

Having it all together, is no walk in the park. I am learning that there is no such thing as getting it all together, no matter where you are in life, there is always the feeling of not having it all. As humans, we tend to place so much pressure on ourselves wanting to over achieve and multitask. And it only gets worse when you live in a place like NY where the competition is fierce. Please do not get me wrong, I am an advocate for hard work and moving towards living your dreams and putting your best foot forward, but even those things have their place.

Create a space-that space that allows you to unwind, that space that allows you to look from the outside in. For me my space is finding time to read and write. Its my time to unwind, when all I hear are the clicks of the keys on my computer while I write, or the crunching of the pages as I read. But its in these sounds that I find peace. It allows me to see myself for who I am and my vision for my life becomes crystal clear.

Managing time- This is all about setting priorities and being clear about what your priorities are. I am sometime amazed at how I can sit at my computer at work and its only within a few minutes before I clock out that I remember something important that I didn't get done. This would have been avoided by managing my time effectively.

Never compare yourself- We all have those friends who seem to have it all together. Maybe that person does, or don't who cares, whats most important is focusing on my issues and not allowing myself to fall into a state where I am comparing myself to others.

So my prayer was answered after I screamed, God said, be ye still.

I'm listening Lord.

Please share your thoughts on getting it all together or maybe you had your day when you too screamed. And share this blog with your friends.