Tuesday, December 27, 2016


Today I listened to Steve Harvey speak about his new book entitled "Jump". Jumping means stepping out of your comfort zone and using your God given talents to create the life that you want.

Many mornings I've awaken and thought to myself that I have not created the life that I want for myself. My drive is not so much the money as it is about doing what I want in life. I know that my gifts and talents are underutilized and I know that there is something else that God has planned for me but I'm not living my purpose. This is despite the fact that I have completed grad school and am working in my field, but from the start I wasn't in love with my chosen field and even though I don't hate my job, it won't ever bring me joy.

My thirst for more is what's currently propelling me to jump. I read a quote once that stated "when God is about to do something great in our lives he will bring us to a Jericho". I believe that I have come to my Jericho and it is time for me to close the chapter of complacency and procrastination and move forward into creating the life that God has set in store for me. Truth be told I am extremely afraid because jumping doesn't just affect me it will affect my whole family. Jumping calls for courage, jumping calls for grit, sleepless nights tearful nights, watchful nights, prayerful nights.

If you have awaken and felt the pang of sadness that comes from knowing you are far off course from God's purpose for your life then JUMP WITH ME.