Monday, February 27, 2017

Having Crazy Faith

What exactly is crazy faith? Is it believing that something is possible or is it believing that this possibility is yours? I remember having a conversation with my husband who was very convinced that a particular person could accomplish a particular goal. My question to him was, so why can't we accomplish that goal? There are times we can pinpoint greatness in others. We see their possibilities, but we don't see our own. Or maybe we do see our possibilities but we fail to act on them.

I spent the greater part of today listening to Lisa Nichols on youtube. Hearing her story of where she brought her self from to where she is stirred me. Most of us are not starting at the literal bottom, but we have failed to move into our purpose. You see, there is that little voice in my head and I'm sure you have it too, that is saying " I made you for greater things than this". Whatever your greater is, find it and purpose in your heart to make it a reality by having "crazy faith".

When I look back on my own life of how I took a leap of "crazy faith" and moved to the US, I see how passion and determination can propel you forward. When I see how I was able to complete undergrad, I can attest to how a solid why can move you to success even when the odds are stacked up against you. Then the complacency of completing that goal, and not having a vision of what should come next stifled my growth.

My goal is to challenge both you and myself to gain or regain the spark of determination, grit and "crazy faith". Not defining your present by your past but moving forward into your purpose. Growing and excelling with authority not being shy or bashful but without fear and without shame move forward with "crazy faith". As a christian, I don't believe God placed in us a spirit of fear. So end all negative self talk, doubt, fear and procrastination. Live your "crazy faith" because God created you with a purpose that is unique to you. Live your "crazy faith", because your happiness depends on it. Live your "crazy faith" because nothing else matters but living in your purpose.

Please Crazy Faith with Me

One Love


  1. So powerful! I'm with you on this "crazy faith" journey. I realize that what seems crazy to someone else is me putting all my hopes and desires in someone else. That someone else is Christ. But I must do my part too. Thanks for this powerful message Danni

  2. Have to fight that fear with faith