Friday, March 10, 2017


How would I like  to be remembered when I breathe my last breath is a thought that I have been struggling with. The vision that I have of myself, is that how I am being viewed? How does my spouse view me, how does my child view me, how am I viewed among my friends, coworkers, acquaintances, strangers? Do my words and actions align with who I say I am or who I think I am? Here are four of the qualities that I pray will become part of my personality.

A Builder:

I've always had a thing for real estate investing, but this is not the type of building I'm speaking of. I want to be the person who builds others up. In our relationships, especially when we are angry, we can say the most harsh and mean things. I no longer want to be the person who tears others down in conversation or even in an argument. Who drops mean and unkind comments about others, or even harbor negative thoughts about others. Instead channel that energy into building others up.

A Risk Taker:

I want to be that person who doesn't allow herself to be discouraged by a challenge. Someone who goes after living her dream. I want to fearlessly step out of my comfort zone and work assiduously towards creating the life I want for myself.

A Christian:

Not only by name, but truly allowing Christ like principles to guide my life. And to guide others to Christ.

A Happy Person:

I want to be that person whose personality is infectious, laugh is contagious. Who brings that happiness into the room. I want to be happy but also make others happy, regardless of my circumstances.

This list has no doubt been cut short. But they do capture the essence of who I want to become. What are the character traits that you want to be remembered for?

Be a builder, a risk taker, a christian and a happy person with me.

One Love

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