Thursday, April 20, 2017


THE HABIT PROJECT: The Love Letter: If you could go back in time what would you have changed? If you could write a love letter to your younger self, what would your advice b...

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The Love Letter

If you could go back in time what would you have changed? If you could write a love letter to your younger self, what would your advise be? Those of us who are parents have the unique oportunities to show our children the mistakes we made and try as best as posible, without imposing our biases, to steer them in the right direction. 

So instead of writing a letter to my younger self, I'll instead write this letter to my mini me, Kaity.

Throughout the years I have grown, I've made lots and lots of decisions. I've made great choices, and I have made bad choices. Because of these choices, and the consequences, I now know how to guide you from repeating those mistakes and also making positive decisions that will no doubt affect you in years to come.

1. Value yourself:
There will be those moments of insecurity. And there will be times of peer pressure. They come in many forms. But if you value yourself, if you have a sense of self worth, then those moments will not scar you. You are no doubt in my eyes, precious and beautiful, but you have to believe that for yourself. 
2. Let your beauty radiate:
Don't allow your outward beauty to outshine your inner beauty. Character is way more important than physical beauty. 
3. Happiness is from within:
No matter what you acquire, if you are not happy from within, you will always be unhappy. I am not against wealth and success, but ultimately what's most important is to be appreciative of what you have while you work towards bigger and better things. 
4. Think Long-term:
Begin each day, each moment, each project, each decision with the end in mind. If you know what you want to accomplish, then manage your activities accordingly. Do not be mediocre, don't make a habit of procrastinating. Instead think about what the end should look like and move towards your goals with your vision firmly stapled on your mind. 
5. Dream Big:
No dream is too big for you to accomplish. But dreams and goals can only be accomplished one step at a time. If you value yourself and you begin with the end goal in mind, your dreams will come true. But it takes hard work, dedication and a belief that it will be done. 
6. No sweat:
Don't sweat the small stuff. Not every negative comment is worth responding to. Some people may like you, others may not. What's most important is that you know who you are. 
7. Don't covet:
Don't dislike someone for what they have. Each person has their own path to walk, embrace your own. Instead, enjoy the things God has blessed you with. Seek to uplift others, not tear them down.
8. Serve others:
This week I tried teaching you about other children in less privileged circumstances. Try to serve others who are not as fortunate as you are. Your methods may not be the ones typically used main stream for example volunteering. But what ever your method, don't live a life only for you, but live one of service to others.
9. Be humble:
Live a life of gratitude but live it in humility. Showing off is a sign of insecurity. You won't draw positive attention to yourself that way, and you won't attract genuine friends that way either. 
10. Give God praise:
I saved the best for last. I raised you with certain principles that I believe are best. Allow your life to be a principle centered life. Allow God to be the center of your life and decisions. If there was one message I could pass on to you, it would be, to put God first.

I really honor your feedback and comments. Please share with me your thoughts and challenge me on mine. Leave your comments below.

One Love