Thursday, May 25, 2017

Running Towards Your Dream With Audacity

What does it mean to run towards your dream with audacity? It means daring to make that move towards your dream despite the odds that are against you. It means stepping out in faith even though everyone and everything points to it not becoming a reality. It's having a hunger for your dream so badly that nothing and no one can deter you from accomplishing it. I remember having that mindset when I decided I wanted to migrate to the US to study. I also know the consequences of complacency.

Motovational speaker Eric Thomas compares this mindset to someone having an asthma attack and their need for air. It's like being in a race to save either your life or the life of your child. It's wanting something so badly so deeply so desperately that come what may, you have to have it.

Often times we have dreams and goals but the ease of life as it is, dampens our desire to really push forward. I came to that place in my life. A place where things were ok enough , that I lost my drive and my vision. It was as though what I had accomplished so far was enough. I began patting myself on the back and giving myself a reason to relax.

As someone who aspires to motivate and inspire not just my own self but others as well, I cannot continue to put my dreams on the back burner.  Instead I have decided to ignite within me a desire to run towards my dreams with audacity.

In order to run towards your dream with audacity, there needs to be a clearly defined WHY. A clearly defined why for motivational speaker Lisa Nichols was having less than $20 in her bank account and not being able to purchase diapers for her infant son.  That experience propelled her to action making her one of the top motivational speakers in the world. A clearly defined why is that person who just got a health diagnosis and chooses to live a healthier lifestyle. A clearly defined why is that single mom who is tired of watching her children cry for hunger so she picks herself up, works odd jobs and completes college with the highest honors. A clearly defined why is that father who lost his job but has a mortgage to pay and does everything in his power to prevent his family from going homeless.

No one can define your why. Allow your why to become the wind beneath your wings. Allow your why to propel you forward.  Allow your why to be the driving force behind you running towards your dream with audacity.

"For faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidences of things not seen" Hebrews 11 : 1.

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Friday, May 19, 2017

Living Life in Crescendo.....It Only Gets Louder With Time

If you've known the word crescendo since childhood, you probably have a musical mom like mine or maybe a music teacher like my mom or even better my mom was your music teacher. Before I even knew myself she had me seated at the piano. She made sure I knew what a crescendo was.

A crescendo as defined by google is "a gradual increase in loudness in a piece of music". How do we live life in crescendo? It's the concept that nothing in life should hold you back from your greatness, but we allow our greatness to get louder and louder with time. Here are a few tips for living life in crescendo.

  1. Age is But a Number: How many times have you cried about all the things that you should have done, and how time has passed. There is an old Jamaican saying, "it's never too late for a shower of rain". Your desires and dreams should never stop because you have grown older, instead, reinvent them. It is never too late to begin putting pen to paper and begin making moves towards that goal you want to accomplish.
  2. Your Disability Does Not Define You: Physical disability should never prevent you from accomplishing the things you desire to accomplish. Instead use it as a tool to move you forward. It may serve as a source of motivation to propel you forward. Challenge yourself to do things that others may see as impossible.
  3. Your Past Does not Determine Your Future: Many times we look back at our past fearing that our future will be the same. But the lessons learned from the past are crucial to streamline our future. Simply put, don't repeat the negative past, instead use those lessons to guide your future. 
  4. I'm Not My Status: There is a lot of emphasis these days on personal status; financial status, relationship status, and the list goes on. The problem is, if we focus on personal status we get lost in comparing ourselves to others. This only takes our focus away from what we should be doing to accomplish our goals. I can't be any one else, I can only be the best version of me. 
 Allow yourself regardless of your age, disability, past or status to find your greatness. As the days turn into weeks, weeks into months and months into years, allow your greatness, your purpose, your desires to get brighter and brighter. It may not be recognized by others, but only you will know whether or not you are living your life in crescendo. Purpose today, this very minute, this very second to live your life out loud.

 Please leave me a comment if my mom was your music teacher lol. Also share with me how you intend to live your life in crescendo.

Please note, the concept of living life in crescendo was adapted from Steven Covey ' s Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. 

One Love

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Making Time for Finding Joy

Living in a busy city like I do in New York brings its own set of stressful moments. It is as if I am on go mode all the time. Finding the time to switch from always doing something to finding time for rest and relaxation may seem like an impossibility. Here are some inexpensive tips I hope you will find useful.

  • Early Morning Walk or Jog: I have not done this in a while, but when I do, it really relaxes me and sets the tone for the rest of my day. While walking or jogging become aware of the beauties of nature, such as the chirping birds or spring flower blooms.
  • Sipping Tea: If you're into tea, then take some time to relax and sip some tea. Doing this with a favorite book, magazine or just getting lost in thought does wonders.
  • Cooking: One of my absolute favorite me time activities. Bring out that old recipe and whip something up from scratch. I have to share my cooking time with my talkative toddler these days, so it have evolved into mommy and me time. 
  • Catching Up With a Friend over Dinner: Spending time with that friend who you can absolutely talk to about almost anything works wonders in keeping you grounded at times. Doesn't have to be dinner, but a quick lunch or brunch works well. You may find an evening, spent shopping with a friend, fun and relaxing as well.
  • Playing an Instrument: There is nothing more relaxing than music. If you do not play an instrument,  then find time to sit, close your eyes, and listen to your favorite relaxing music. If dancing is your thing, then dance to the music of your favorite artist. 
  • Reading: I absolutely love to read. I can almost always find the time to read a good book. Reading not only relaxes you, but also makes you think. 
  • Skincare Treat: The winter months can be harsh on the skin and the summer brings its own set of clogged pores. These are great times to get into a detox regimen for clogged pores and hydration treatment for the winter. Make sure as you treat your skin you enjoy the proccess. It's also fun to whip up your own skincare treatments like a berry treatment for dull skin can be relaxing.
  • Movie Night: This is actually great for busy couples with small kids. A great comedy with your favorite snack after the kids are gone to bed, allows the stresses of the day to melt away. 
  • Sitting still: Early in the morning before anyone gets up, I am up, I worship and then I listen. It centers me. Try it, I'm sure you will fall in love.
I hope you found this article helpful. I am open to learning. I always read your comments, they inspire me. Please share what activities do you engage in for relaxation.

One Love