Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Making Time for Finding Joy

Living in a busy city like I do in New York brings its own set of stressful moments. It is as if I am on go mode all the time. Finding the time to switch from always doing something to finding time for rest and relaxation may seem like an impossibility. Here are some inexpensive tips I hope you will find useful.

  • Early Morning Walk or Jog: I have not done this in a while, but when I do, it really relaxes me and sets the tone for the rest of my day. While walking or jogging become aware of the beauties of nature, such as the chirping birds or spring flower blooms.
  • Sipping Tea: If you're into tea, then take some time to relax and sip some tea. Doing this with a favorite book, magazine or just getting lost in thought does wonders.
  • Cooking: One of my absolute favorite me time activities. Bring out that old recipe and whip something up from scratch. I have to share my cooking time with my talkative toddler these days, so it have evolved into mommy and me time. 
  • Catching Up With a Friend over Dinner: Spending time with that friend who you can absolutely talk to about almost anything works wonders in keeping you grounded at times. Doesn't have to be dinner, but a quick lunch or brunch works well. You may find an evening, spent shopping with a friend, fun and relaxing as well.
  • Playing an Instrument: There is nothing more relaxing than music. If you do not play an instrument,  then find time to sit, close your eyes, and listen to your favorite relaxing music. If dancing is your thing, then dance to the music of your favorite artist. 
  • Reading: I absolutely love to read. I can almost always find the time to read a good book. Reading not only relaxes you, but also makes you think. 
  • Skincare Treat: The winter months can be harsh on the skin and the summer brings its own set of clogged pores. These are great times to get into a detox regimen for clogged pores and hydration treatment for the winter. Make sure as you treat your skin you enjoy the proccess. It's also fun to whip up your own skincare treatments like a berry treatment for dull skin can be relaxing.
  • Movie Night: This is actually great for busy couples with small kids. A great comedy with your favorite snack after the kids are gone to bed, allows the stresses of the day to melt away. 
  • Sitting still: Early in the morning before anyone gets up, I am up, I worship and then I listen. It centers me. Try it, I'm sure you will fall in love.
I hope you found this article helpful. I am open to learning. I always read your comments, they inspire me. Please share what activities do you engage in for relaxation.

One Love


  1. Always enjoy reading your post. Refreshing advice..keep them coming

    1. It's always a pleasure to get feedback. Great to know you find my posts refreshing.

  2. I enjoy a good day of car rally, a break from work, home chores, and the world stress to just watch the drivers do speed and car controll on some of the hardest terrain. Music is another get away. Ohhhh!!! Can't leave out the enless convo's with grandma ma, (older folks in general). Cetshwayo mais.

    1. Hey Wayo, I've never been to the car rally, but I'll Def check it out. Chatting with older folks always a pleasure. So much we can learn from them.

  3. Nice article as always Danni; I am always reading as you know, and I have add listening to podcast to that list; plus I'm considering doing yoga also.

  4. Yoga, keep me posted on how that goes. I'm thinking of trying it as well.

  5. Your blogs are so inspiring and timely. Thank you.