Thursday, June 1, 2017

Is Your Best Good Enough?

Last night I had a conversation with a friend of mine who truly inspires me with her drive and work ethics. I thoroughly enjoy meeting and speaking with people who are consistently driven. It sparks in me a desire to push myself even further. I am getting to the place in my life where I self reflect constantly in order to see where I am falling short in giving 100 percent. The truth of the matter is, not giving our full 100 percent only makes us less marketable and we become unreliable. If I am going to be transparent and honest with you, I have fallen in both categories many times. One of the reasons I started writing The Habit Project, is my desire to instill in myself positive habits geared towards making me grow. But becoming this person who cultivates the right attitude and behavior towards even my day job, much less my blog, is a constant work in progress.

The Mental Shift:

In order to create that drive and energy needed to have that mental shift, I have began reading more, watching more motivational videos, praying more about this negative habit of mine. And truly becoming aware of my decisions. This had sparked more awareness and a desire to grow.

Consistency and Accountability

Creating a culture of greatness, starts with the mental shift, but it stays with consistency. Consistency is best achieved with accountability. It's not very easy to hold ourselves accountable, it's better to become part of a group of people who will hold us accountable. Because not everyone will support our dream or the change in us, it is important to get at least one person you know who will hold you to your word and call you out when you begin to go astray.

Skill vs Talent

Something I got from Will Smith and can be heard in this video, "talent we have naturally, skill is something we develop by constantly beating and working at our craft". Stay focused and work at it day in day out.

In an effort to have you watch the attached video, I've cut my post short. Please enjoy.

Stay striving, stay focused and stay motivated.

One Love

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  1. Another powerful post Danni! You said, "Creating a culture of greatness, starts with the mental shift, but it stays with consistency." this is especially true because we have to believe in our minds and hearts that we can be great and work towards that greatness with time and effort. A relevant reminder for everyone.