Thursday, August 24, 2017


I want to share with you, a little anecdote I recently heard about the Buzzard and the Hummingbird. Everyday the the Buzzard goes searching for carcasses (dead things) and everyday he finds what he is looking for, dead things. Everyday the Hummingbird also go searching but he goes searching for nectar (sweet things) and he also finds exactly what he went looking for, sweet things. The moral of the story? It is a simple yet powerful, we find what we go looking for.

We all hear things like, my grandmother's favorite, "Count your blessings" or the popular "Focus on the positive" and they are all saying the same thing - look for your "sweet things", focus on your "sweet things."

For some reason, maybe because it is anecdotal and I am a visual learner, the story of the Buzzard and the Hummingbird resonates with me. Like many others, it is very easy for me get lost in my own negative thoughts, to be so caught up in the things that are going wrong that I forget about the things that are going right, I forget about the goals and dreams that I have. I shift the focus from my "sweet things" to my "dead things" and I get sidetracked. The more I think about my "dead things" the more "dead things" I find to think about.

After hearing this story I have made more of a concerted effort to think of my "sweet things." When things are tough and the challenges are mounting and the feelings of failure and hopelessness are rising, it is easy to get side tracked. It is easy to start panicking and start focusing on the craziness, the negatives, the "dead things." But I have resolved to keep my compass focused on my True North. I have veered off course, a time or two...million, but I have decided to not beat myself up about my missteps, and use my energy to refocus on searching for my sweet things.

 It is in my power to make my day beautiful and bright, it is in your power to think positive things, it is in our power to accomplish our goals and conquer our dreams. I am choosing to tell myself that I am in control of my mind and my mind is in control of where I go, therefore I am in control of where I go. So join me in saying "sweet things" here I come!

Joy and peace profound,

PS. Congrats to Danni who welcomed her sweet little munchkin recently!!!


  1. It does take effort to focus on the nice things instead of the bad. Congrats on the birth of your little one.

  2. Congrats Danni. Now you have another sweet thing to focus on!

  3. Congrats Danni. Now you have another sweet thing to focus on!

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  5. I will definitely pass this one on! Thanks for the affirmation as I've been kind of down lately.